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Free! Eternal Summer episode 12 locations: Sydney

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EXO-K through the years (2012-2014)
22092014 @ Lee Jongsuk INSTYLE MAGAZINE CUTS!
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happy birthday to mr. perfection, park jinyoung!

2014년 9월 22일 

To a boy who never fails to make us smile, laugh and want to hit something because of how cute he is. To an amazing dancer, singer, actor and well-rounded artist. I’m really happy to support such a humble and respectful person like you. Thank you for always working hard and doing the best that you can do for IGOT7s and the people around you.

Happy 20th/21st birthday, Jinyoungie! 진영이, 생일축하해요♥

jackson and joon, instant best friends

somebody pls entertain this kid